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Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering

This department offers a broad range of Engineering services in the design, construction, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning, maintenance and after sales service of overhead and underground distribution lines and substations with high standard to the public and private sectors.

Starting from engineering design, procurement, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of several projects

33Kv, 11kv and 0.415kv Township Distribution Network (TDN) / Inter Township Connection (ITC), aerial distribution lines on concrete or wooden poles as well as underground cable network.

Distribution transformers 33/0.415kv and 11/0.415kv from 200kVA to 2.5MVA (pole or ground Mounted)

 Ring Main Unit (RMU) and GF3 Coupler

33/11kV Switching sub-stations including associated control and switch gear.

Up grade of injection sub-stations and distribution facilities.

Earthing in both hazardous and Non- hazardous areas.

 Street & Parking lot lighting including underground wiring, construction of reinforced concrete base and supply of poles and fixtures

Supply and installation of power cables, lighting fixtures, sockets, generators and panels.

Supply and Installation of fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, fire detectors, raid and alarm systems.

Air conditioner Installation (window units, split units, cooling towers and chillers, and ducting systems.)

Provision of boreholes and water treatment plants as well as supply and installation of water supply pipe works.

Other plumbing works.

The core activity of this division is to provide renewable energy solutions to communities, institutions, corporate bodies, NGOs, and individuals.

We undertake design, procurement, installation, maintenance and repair of solar and wind energy systems for different applications.

Among the activities of this division are:

  • Design and installation of Solar/Wind powered Rural Electrification Systems.
  • Supply of solar and wind energy components.
  • Design and installation of solar energy system to power street/area lighting, Cathodic Protection System, Water Pumping both for drinking and irrigation purposes, Navigational Aids.
  • Supply and Installation of Wind Turbine system to power rural Information Technology equipment.
  • Consultancy Services for renewable energy systems.

Specifically the services of this division embrace the following:

Design and Construction of agricultural produce processing machines.

Design and Construction of Poultry Cage.

Installation of Sprinkler Irrigation System.

Engineering (Design, fabrication) of steel structures.

Engineering (Design, fabrication) of Agricultural tools.

Installation of Agricultural Machines.

Procurement and Supply of Agricultural Machinery.

Consultancy Services on Agricultural Services as related to the equipment used.

Our Project

Project Title

Project Description


Renewable Energy System for Information Technology Equipments, Osun State Government Project

Provision of  18KW solar and Wind hybrid system to power IT equipment in the State Secretariat.


World Bank Assisted and Power Holding Co. of Nigeria –Project Management Unit, Energy Commission of Nigeria and FADAMA II Implemented Solar Projects.

Provision of solar powered street light, water pumping systems  (Surface for irrigation and submersible for drinking) solar home systems and solar power for primary health centre at three communities in three states of Nigeria.

Janwuriya in Kaduna State, Onicha Uboma in Imo State and Eriti in Ogun State.

Rural Electrification project for Lagos State Government.

Provision of solar powered water pumping system and area lighting in four rural communities in Lagos State.

Ilado Odo, Imoba, Igbanko, Igbo Opawa, Yeguda, Idi Mangoro and Yekemeh Villages

Cathodic Projection for Nigeria Gas Pipeline.

Design, supply and installation of solar powered cathodic protection system for Nigerian Gas Pipeline at KP 282, Lagos State.

Ijih in Lagos State.

Solar Powered Water Pumping System

Design, procurement and installation of solar energy system to power Borehole for a domestic use . Solar energy was used as a power source to pump water from a bole hole of deep hundred meters . A total of 1500 watt at 120vdc was used with a three –phase inverter. All the materials used were supplied 

Archibong in Cross River State.

Solar powered System for Bebbi Airstrip.

The system was aimed to provide DC and AC power for communication equipment and illumination at Airstrip. The project involved design, procurement and installation.  The system includes 2400 watts inverter, 330watt solar arrays, 800AH battery bank, charge controller and other components.

Obudu Cattle Ranch.

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